Keeping your cleaning supplies clean is important in keeping your actual home even cleaner. This means refraining from using dirty equipment or scrubbing stains and grime after use.

Here is a quick guide to help make sure that your cleaning supplies, from kitchen sponges, mops, and rugs, to vacuums and brooms, are free from dirt or dust, stored and labeled properly, and ready for your next cleaning project. This not only benefits the health of your family and your home but also reduces everyday waste when cleaning.

How to Clean Your Broom

Deep-cleaning your broom is easy. Simply submerge the bristles in warm water with some soap or detergent for at least an hour. Afterward, wipe down the handle with disinfectant and let it dry.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sponge

Out of all of your cleaning supplies, your dish sponge is the most prone to bacterial growth. A damp environment, created by a constantly wet sponge and an unclean kitchen sink or countertop, is perfect for bacteria to thrive in. Luckily it’s not difficult to remove those germs with time and effort, coupled with the right technique.

Microwave your regular damp sponge for a minute to kill 99% of bacteria. Just be careful when retrieving it as the microwave will have left it hot. You can garner the same results when you run metal sponges in your dishwasher. Just make sure to run a dry cycle as well.

How to Clean the Dishwasher

Cleaning your dishwasher may not be the most fun chore, but it is an essential component of any deep cleaning.

To ensure that your dishwasher is completely clean, you’ll first need to take everything out of it — from racks to utensils holders to filters. Fill the dishwasher with warm water and white vinegar before soaking those remaining parts while you tackle the rest of your load.

Once the dishes are washed and ready to be dried, take a few moments to wipe away any scraps you see. This will make sure that there is no debris on your plates or inside of your dishwasher which can lead to foul odors or bacteria buildup over time. It is better to run your dishwasher through two empty cycles for a more thorough cleaning.

In the first cycle, add a bowl of vinegar solution to the bottom rack and run in on hot. The vinegar solution will break down any grime or grease that may have built up inside your dishwasher.

In the second cycle, remove the bowl and sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher. To get rid of lingering smells and stains, clean your washing machine with a short cycle.

Once you wipe the outer door and reinstall your hardware, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying a sparkling clean dishwasher.

How to Clean a Vacuum

You may think it’s a time-consuming chore to clean your vacuum regularly, but you should know that by doing so you are also preserving the power and life of your vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuum maintenance is essential not only to keep the home clean (though this is most important), but also for removing dust and debris which obstruct airflow and result in unpleasant odor.

All vacuums have unique features, so consult your manual for clear instructions before use. Still, it is generally a good practice to empty the container and wipe the exterior after every use.

Get Professional Cleaning Help From Green Cleaning DFW

It can be difficult to find the time for maintenance of cleaning supplies when you’re already busy with cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and the rest of your house. If you ever find yourself in need of some extra help, you might want to consider hiring professional deep-cleaning services.

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