Do green products clean effectively?
Yes, and they do it without leaving toxic chemicals behind that could harm your family.

What products do you use?
We use a mixture of non-toxic cleaning products and elbow grease to clean your property. In addition, we use microfiber cleaning cloths and mops instead of traditional mops, dusters and sponges. Microfiber can accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt than any other fabric. By adapting microfiber cleaning technology we have eliminated paper waste in our cleaning practices.

Who provides the equipment and supplies?
We provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment that we need. If you have a product that you prefer that we use, just notify us and leave it out on your day of service.

Do I have to be home?
No. Most clients are not home during the cleaning process. However, we encourage you to do whatever makes you comfortable.

Do I need to leave a key?
You can either hide a key, give us a key, or we can enter through a garage door by using a code or remote.

When do I pay for services?
Payment is due the same day the work is done. Cash, check or debit card is the preferred method of payment. However, we can also take payment by credit card.

How should we prepare for our appointment?
To make the appointment most efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to the arrival of our team.

What if I need to cancel?
Please provide us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your scheduled cleaning. In the event that we are not given 24 hours notice we reserve the right to charge a fee equal to the amount of the scheduled cleaning.

Do you like getting referrals?
We love referrals! Have the person that you refer to us mention your name and we will give you $20 off a cleaning of your choice. Ask us for additional details.