As the global trend towards sustainability continues, your office may also consider implementing sustainable practices. Creating a greener or more co-friendly workplace is one way to start reducing your impact on the environment.

Fortunately, a sustainable office space is attainable with a few simple changes. To show you just how easy going green can be, we’ve compiled a list of the fastest and simplest ways to make your office more eco-friendly.

Turn off Lights/Any Electronics When Not in Use

Turning off power-operated lights and fixtures when you’re done using them is one of the easiest ways to boost energy efficiency in your office.

Many electronics use energy even when the device is not in use, leading to wasted resources and possible harm to the environment. In order to reduce this harmful effect, it’s important for every employee to do their part in setting up a routine of turning off their equipment at the end of each day. The habit of not wasting energy will also help the company or office save in utility bills.

Go Digital and Avoid Printing Every Document

There are many reasons to switch from paper files to digital files, but one of the best is sustainability.

These days, paper is one of the leading sources of pollution and degradation to our environment. Most deforestation occurs in developing countries without the necessary resources to properly dispose waste, and cutting back on paper would help end this problem. This will also lessen or eliminate the havoc that single-use disposable items are causing by reducing the amount of trash we produce daily.

Your company will save more than just paper by adopting a paperless office. With less of a reliance on paper and printing, you’ll see significant savings in printer upkeep such as ink and toner costs as well as physical storage space for unneeded printouts.


This may seem simple, but the number of people recycling at work can be dramatically increased by simply setting up a recycling bin in the office. Recycling, despite being an age-old practice, can still do a great help in improving awareness and concern for the environment among employees.

Nowadays, your company can also recycle other wastes other than paper and plastic. Office equipment such as printers and computers is an example of e-waste. You can reduce the amount in your office landfill by putting old electronics to new use through electronic recycling.

Ditch Plastic Cups and Disposable Plates

One of the world’s biggest sources of pollution is plastic-based products. While it is possible to recycle them, many types of plastics cannot be recycled and would often go straight to the trash bin prematurely. There are also strict cleaning processes in place that make recycling certain types difficult or impossible.

It is easier to opt for eco-friendly alternatives than it is to avoid using plastic altogether. Beeswax cloth is a durable, economical alternative to other types of materials like plastic wraps, and also happens to be more environmentally friendly.

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