School is just around the corner and cleaning your home may become easier. Back-to-school cleaning could mean getting the house tidy before school arrives and your schedule fills up. Or it could mean developing a plan for cleaning during the school year. Either way, cleaning takes time, it takes a schedule and it takes attention to detail. During the summer months, all of these are tough. Between vacations, camps, and other fun activities most families don’t maintain as consistent of a schedule. This also means that adults have less time at home typically, which leaves less time to clean. But, school is here and that always helps families snap back into a routine.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Once the kids are at school and life is more routine, you can more easily schedule time to clean or use your weekends to spend some family cleaning time. There are several items you should clean on a weekly basis.

  • Wipe down counters
  • Mop or Clean Floors
  • Vacuum Carpet, Rugs and Furniture
  • Dust Furniture
  • Clean Microwave
  • Change Bedding
  • Sanitize Sponges

Keeping these items maintained and cleaned on a weekly basis will prevent them from becoming more time-consuming chores over time. Plus, many of them have the benefit of lengthening the life of your home or furniture. Vacuuming your carpet regularly, for example, will help prolong the life of the carpet.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Monthly cleaning items may be a little tougher to remember since they are only once a month, but they should be maintained just as the weekly cleaning items should be.

  • Vacuum vents
  • Dust Blinds
  • Dust Light Fixtures
  • Clean Dishwasher
  • Clean Washer and Dryer

Cleaning takes time and if it is done well, it takes a consistent schedule. We offer a cleaning schedule to fit your needs. We provide weekly cleaning, bi-monthly cleaning, or monthly cleaning options. We can even come out for a one-time cleaning before or after an event. Whether you decide to hire a cleaning company or make cleaning something you tackle on your own, stay consistent.

Hire A Cleaning Service

If all of this seems daunting because you have too many things to juggle, give Green Cleaning DFW a call. We provide professional cleaning services in and around Rockwall, TX including Caddo Mills, Fate, Forney, Garland, Heath, Lavon, Poetry, Quinlan, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, Sunnyvale, Terrell, Wylie, and surrounding areas. Our recurring maid services will enable you to focus on the kids and life while we focus on keeping your home nice and clean.