House cleaning is tough enough on its own, but add kids into the mix and you have a harder road ahead of you. House cleaning can be fun, and for those with kids, you can engage them in cleaning activities to help speed your house cleaning experience along. Kids can help with cleaning the bathroom or even the kitchen.

Cleaning Teamwork

Doing anything on your own, usually isn’t as much fun as doing it with a teammate or a group. So, instead of sentencing one of your children to clean the bathroom, pair up and clean with your kids. Even a five-year-old can wipe a sink while you scrub the toilet clean. Older kids may be able to take out the trash, vacuum or sweep or even scrub the bathtub.

If you involve kids in the cleaning process, they learn how to clean and help the cleaning go faster.

Create a Cleaning Chart

As parents we are constantly telling our kids what to do. So, it is no surprise that when it comes to cleaning, our voice doesn’t always help them desire to clean. Creating a cleaning chart with a list of items to clean maybe have a better result. You can still work in teams, but taking your voice out of the equation may make the tasks a little easier for children to do.

Music While Cleaning

Music makes cleaning go faster, so put on some of your favorite music or songs the kids would know and can sing along to.

Delegate Big Jobs to Older Kids

If you have teens or older children the team concept might not be something they are interested in. Instead you can give some of the larger jobs to them, like vacuuming the house, cleaning the garage or organizing the hall closet.

You might find that they will really own the project if you give them the power to make the job their own.

Reward Hard Work

Cleaning is hard work and everyone likes rewards. When you children complete tasks you can apply a points system. Or if you are knocking out a bunch of cleaning in one day, you can provide a pizza dinner or ice cream for dessert as motivation to keep going.

Cleaning can be an event for the entire family. At Green Cleaning DFW we provide residential and commercial cleaning services for the Rockwall area. Contact us today for more information.