Cleaning SuppliesHouse cleaning can be a difficult task. Between work, kids events and other household needs, cleaning can get left out of the equation, especially the deep cleaning. So how can you keep your house clean? Creating a cleaning schedule will at least help, but you still have to stick to the cleaning schedule for it to work. Our cleaning services are offered weekly, monthly or on any other reoccurring basis that fits the need of our client.

Cleaning your home efficiently also helps cut down the time it takes to clean. If you are vacuuming it is much more efficient to go ahead and do several rooms versus doing only what is needed one day and then having to get the vacuum back out a few days later and clean other rooms. The more efficient you are, ultimately the less work there is to keep you house clean. A cleaning schedule can help you become more efficient in cleaning your home.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is best if broken up in to different sections dependent upon when you need the task done: Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Then you’ll break up the home in to different sections: Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Offices, Laundry Rooms, Entryway and Porches. Now we’ll go over what items to put in each section and with what frequency. Below is an example of some weekly tasks to use on your own cleaning schedule. Every house is a little different, but these items should apply to the vast majority of households.


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